The Encyclopedia of Gender

The image shows an artist book called "The Encyclopedia of Gender" by Alix Stria.
Alix Stria, The Encyclopedia of Gender, 2017. Courtesy of the artist. Photo: Alix Cora Stria.

Alix Stria, The Encyclopedia of Gender, 2017

Alix Stria’s The Encyclopedia of Gender is a manufactured, small-format book assembling 381 nonbinary gender identities currently in use. By presenting the flags and basic details of each gender identity, the publication visualizes the variety and richness of graphic gender representation and moreover allows for a visual, image historical comparison. Beautifully crafted, and not least to its opulence of colour, the book is a pleasure for the eye, mind, and hand.

Alix Stria is a graphic designer and artist focusing on typography, visual and practical implementations of new technologies, and editorial design. Stria studied Photography and audiovisual Media at Graphische, Vienna, and Visual Communication, New Media Class, at Universität der Künste, Berlin. She is currently pursuing her Masters at the Design Department of Sandberg Institute, Amsterdam. In 2020, she founded the graphic design studio Studio SMS with her partner Katharina Shafiei-Nasab. 

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