Beatrice Bonino: Cosetta

Beatrice Bonino's work is characterized by a sense of alienated beauty. Her exhibition at in Milan presents objects between office and catwalk, mortuary and luxury shop. Cunning beauty, or a calm betrayal.

Art as impetus: Oscar Tuazon

The Kunsthalle Bielefeld presents works by Oscar Tuazon, based around the question: what do we need? Continuously re-considered, the question, according to the artist is more important than the answer. The exhibition offers engaging points of departure for its reflection.

Forming Time: Glenda León

The Fundació Miró Palma shows the work of Glenda León in dialogue with the work of Joan Miró. The two artists share colour, shapes, and a sense of place – exciting but calm, aesthetic but free.

Rafaël Rozendaal: Colour, Code, Communication

'Rafaël Rozendaal: Color, Code, Communication', at Museum Folkwang poses the question: what will be the image in the 21st century? The works in the exhibition offer practical and intellectual examples, reflective and fun.

Violent Void: Laura Lamiel 

Laura Lamiel's 'Vous les entendez?' at Palais de Tokyo proposes a parcours through different media, colours, and experiences. The quietly and plainly shocking presentation counteracts a numbness in the face of an omnipresence of images of violence.

Mystery Street: Vasantha Yogananthan

Vasantha Yogananthan has captured specific moments and a specific place. Fragile and immediate images. A quiet exhibition, very worth seeing.

House on Fire: Sur le feu

In his essay "Dispersion", Seth Price asks for an Art Degree Zero, categorically ambiguous. The exhibition "Sur le feu" at Académie des Beaux Arts, Paris, comes close. Through its focus on practice, the exhibition asks what do we ask from an art exhibition today.

Deliciously Aesthetic

"Tutti Frutti. A new harvest on the classics" is what the name promises: an experimental, juicy reinterpretation of the fruit still life. The exhibition combines the 15th century with the contemporary, and religious with conceptual gestures. 

Difficult Listening Hour (1984)

On the occasion of Laurie Anderson's Summer tour 2023, we revisit her video work "Difficult Listening Hour". And honour this Grand Dame of Sound and the Sensual.

Josh Sperling: A walk through

Josh Sperling’s exhibition ‘Head Over Heels’ is a contemporary climax from the bottom to the top floor. The works combine nature and craftsmanship through different stages of colour, canvas, and complexity. Their optical play presents mesmerizing mazes between mandalas and marble game.