Art as impetus: Oscar Tuazon

The Kunsthalle Bielefeld presents works by Oscar Tuazon, based around the question: what do we need? Continuously re-considered, the question, according to the artist is more important than the answer. The exhibition offers engaging points of departure for its reflection.

Forming Time: Glenda León

The Fundació Miró Palma shows the work of Glenda León in dialogue with the work of Joan Miró. The two artists share colour, shapes, and a sense of place – exciting but calm, aesthetic but free.

Josh Sperling: A walk through

Josh Sperling’s exhibition ‘Head Over Heels’ is a contemporary climax from the bottom to the top floor. The works combine nature and craftsmanship through different stages of colour, canvas, and complexity. Their optical play presents mesmerizing mazes between mandalas and marble game.

See a Tree Growing: Giuseppe Penone

Giuseppe Penone has donated 328 works on paper to the collection of the Centre Pompidou. The works show the development of the artist’s ideas, led by the hand, and a feeling for his subject: nature. A life-long experiment, outwards to the material and inwards to the body.

Gabriel Orozco, Diario de plantas

Une exposition simple, dans le meilleur sens du mot: Gabriel Orozco a peint un journal des plantes. Créations de la création, sans ardeur, ou le besoin d’y ajouter d’autre. Une interprétation modeste, consciente, parfois humoriste, parfois sérieuse ; et tout à fait honnête.