On Seeing

Seeing is concentration. Focussing.

Seeing is being open, for whatever curiosity there might be about an artwork. It (the curiosity) can be about the content, about what is represented; how it is represented (or not). It can be about the material; what material is used (or not); what materials are possibly combined. It can be about ‘faults’, incongruencies, fissures; these might tell about the work’s history or process of creation.

Seeing is looking for exactly these things.

Seeing comes before judging, or is quite the opposite of it. Seeing is independent of judging, it comes before it and might lead to it, but not necessarily. In this, Seeing is the necessary premise for judging, because only who first – openly – sees is allowed to judge. 

Seeing is (like) entering into an intimate dialogue with the work and its different levels. On even levels.

Then, Seeing is revelation. And a possible starting point for reflection.

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